We started Icon Stamp Art in 2012, making unique stamp artworks from genuine stamps.


Our aim is to create original, affordable pictures, highlighting the beauty of stamps and the images they portray. 


We trade at Covent Garden Jubilee Arts and Craft market at weekends, and in 2013 we opened a small studio workshop at Smithbrook Kilns nr Cranleigh, Surrey. Here we have a display of our work and can discuss customer requirements, taking time for a coffee in 'Bricks'  restaurant just next door.


We are now extending our offering on the web, with an extensive range of artworks that we can ship around the world, ready for framing. 


Thank you for your interest and we hope you enjoy our work.


Please use the 'SHOP' page below, if you would like to purchase. We look forward to serving you.


Thank you.


Stamp Art is a registered Trade Mark. 
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Stamp Art is a registered Trade Mark.